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Halliwell Manor

Where do the Charmed Ones live?

They live the Halliwell Manor, also known simply by the Halliwells and their family as The Manor, is a Victorian home located at 1329 Prescott Street, in San Francisco, California in the Charmed Universe. It has been owned by the The Halliwell Family for several generations. The original structure was built in 1898. The Charmed Ones were the third generation to own it. It was destroyed in the 1906 Earthquake, but rebuilt.

The original manor (a masterpiece according to Beth Whittlesey) was built in 1898 but during the great San Francisco earthquake of 1906 the Manor was completely destroyed and was later rebuilt right around the time that Charmed Ones great grand parents moved in, according to Prue in the episode Is There A Woogy In The House?. The Charmed Ones' great grandparents, the Johnsons, bought the land and built the manor.

The Manor's ''power''Since the manor is exactly situated at the center of five essential life elements (water, fire, wood, earth, metal), it is considered to be a spiritual nexus. The Manor is equally distant to the 5 essential life elements: the San Francisco Bay (Water), The Potrero Natural Hot springs (Fire), Kenwood Park (Wood), The Twin Peaks (Earth), and Mountain Lake Park (Metal). When connected, they form a pentagram with the manor in the center, making it not only a Spiritual Nexus but a Wiccan one as well. The Nexus was located underneath the basement of the Halliwell Manor.
The power encased in the Nexus can be accessed by good or evil. The Charmed Ones' great grandparents, the Johnsons, bought the land and built the manor to prevent it from falling into evil's control. As forces of good are in control of the Manor and therefore control the Nexus, the Nexus is described as providing an extra boost of power to the sisters. If good is even present in the house, regardless of evil's presence the Nexus is under the influence of good since it was the last influence the Nexus was under. However if evil is in the house when no good is present the Nexus can be swayed.


The only two witches known to have been born in the house are Phoebe Halliwell and Wyatt Halliwell. Because of this, it makes them more susceptible to being swayed either good or evil than any of the other family members.

  • Bedrooms
The largest bedroom initially belonged to Prue, but when Piper and Leo were married in Season Three, Prue switched rooms with the newlyweds. Paige now occupies Prue's room after the latter's death. Phoebe also has a bedroom.
  • The Attic
The very spacious attic houses the Book of Shadows and many items of old furniture. The door was always kept locked before Grams' death in 1998, as she told the sisters the attic was sealed off.
  • Kitchen 
Additional potion ingredients are kept in the kitchen.
  • The Basement
The basement is mostly used to store furniture, although it used to house Prue's dark room for developing photographs. The Woogyman also used to dwell under the earth underneath the manor's basement. Also in season 4 the basement was used for Phoebe and Coles training room for the Source.
  • Dining Room
The dining room is often only used for special occasions like weddings and other celebrations. Often the dining room is used to do research.
  • Living Room
Mostly used in battles, discussing battle plans, after battles, etc.
  • The Conservatory
Also called the Sunroom. The conservatory is the brightest room in the whole house. Some demon battles have taken place here, and the windows have been smashed more often then not.
  • The Garage
In Season 8, the garage was shown for the first (and final) time, right before Leo was taken away by the Angel of Destiny. But it can also be seen in an episode of Season Five, when Piper made the Manor "vanish."
  • Downstairs Bathroom
This bathroom was often only used when the upstair bathroom is in use. Later in the series, the bathroom became a closet.
  • Upstair's Bathroom
This room is not much seen. Notable appearances: Piper hiding from Bloody Marry, the sisters discussing their alter ego lives.

2nd floor


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